Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Happy Birthday Graph

     Happy birthday to you!  This is a graph we make together as a class each year.  Each child's name is written on a cupcake and placed on the row for his or her birthday month.  We graph many things in our class:
     - favorite "Starburst" flavor, using the rectangular wrappers to make a bar graph
     - how many syllables are in your name
     - your favorite color, pizza topping, season, etc.
     - the type of pet you have
     - favorite school activity (art, music, computer, or P.E.)
     Anytime we make a class graph, we use it to practice important math skills.  We make addition and subtraction sentences.  We compare using greater than and less than statements.  We look for the categories that have the most, fewest, and any categories that are equal.  The graphs remain posted for a period of time and become part of our learning center area.  The students are given specific tasks to complete during center time using the class graph as a reference.  

      The cupcakes are cut from the Cricut cartridge, "Doodlecharms."  (We cut off the candle.)
      I am very proud of my student teacher, Mr. Nails.  This was his first Cricut project.  It was also the lesson he taught for his formal observation. His professor was impressed with his lesson.  I know he will be a great teacher.  
     I hope you will have fun making graphs with your class.  The possibilities are endless.  


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